Milestar Launches New WeatherGuard AW365 All-Season Tires

The Milestar brand from Tireco, an American wholesale tire company, has launched the all-new Milestar WeatherGuard AW365 , designed for passenger cars and crossovers. This all-weather novelty, equipped with the 3PMSF icon (a snowflake against a mountain with three peaks), is designed to ensure safety both during long harsh winters and in scorching summers.

“We are delighted to introduce the Weatherguard AW365, designed for true confidence in all weather conditions,” said Andrew Hoit, Tireco's vice president of marketing and sales. “This one-stop product has expanded the range of the Milestar brand and expanded our all-weather product line.”

The Milestar WeatherGuard AW365 tires use a completely new silica-enriched rubber compound and an all-weather asymmetric tread pattern, said Shina.Guide technical specialist , which guarantees excellent traction in dry, wet and snowy conditions. To get additional details about milestar, read milestar tires review here.

The all-weather Milestar novelty will be available in the secondary market at the beginning of 2018 in 19 popular sizes with speed indices S, T and H. WeatherGuard AW365 tire tread warranty is 65,000 km.

 Who are all-season tires for?

The answer to this question seems simple, although the potential use of such tires should be precisely defined. If the driver travels at least 30,000 km each year, drives on different roads, drives aggressively, in difficult weather conditions (heat or cold winter), then it is better to choose a kit for each season. As we already mentioned, these tires cannot maintain optimal properties in extreme conditions, especially with aggressive driving styles. Moreover, the durability of such tires is about 50-60 thousand kilometers, so the replacement will have to be done approximately every 2 seasons, and this is a significant expense.

All-season tires will appeal to drivers who drive a little, they drive up to 10,000 kilometers a year, mainly in the city. Trips outside the city are not frequent trips, while winter weather or extreme heat is a good reason to leave your car in the garage. If you do not use the car often, and driving acuity is not a priority for you, then select all-weather tires. Their characteristics are quite sufficient for quiet driving around the city, durability will provide several years of successful work.

Now all-season tires have reached a new level

Is it worth it? Currently, the quality of all-season tires is quite satisfactory and meets even the highest requirements. Of course, this is not a full replacement for seasonal tires, but for drivers who use the car not often, this is an ideal option, because the lower the annual mileage and the calmer the driver drives, the more profitable it is to buy all-season tires. If someone travels a lot and makes the most of his “iron horse”, all-season tires will have to be changed every season, and this completely eliminates any savings. A small mileage of 10,000 kilometers per year will make the all-weather tire a reasonable investment for 5-6 years ahead, that is, until the rubber loses its properties. In addition, over the next few years, you can save on regular “shoe changes” of the machine.

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